Doctor Who Coincidental

I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who, lately. Mostly the new series, but also some from the 70’s. Whenever I become involved with a series like this, I suddenly have to consume as much of it as possible, exploring the canon, and discovering all its clever connections. It’s a mild obsession, however, so don’t expect me to spout off too many fine details.

There are many things to like about Doctor Who. Its humor, the vague-but-plausible science, and the robots. And the zombies. And the zombie-robots dressed up as Santa. And the zombie-robot-scarecrows. The producers must have a long list of extras ready to suit up for any given episode.

So, when I ran across Urban Camouflage, I thought these would make fantastic Doctor Who zombie-bots:

Be sure to watch some of the videos on the site. There are some fun reactions from IKEA shoppers, and it’s amazing how they blend in with the store. Until they start moving.