Why Palm’s WebOS ‘Media Sync’ iTunes Integration Can’t Be Legit

“But it seems risky and unbecoming for a company of Palm’s stature. It’s a hack, and if they’re really using Apple’s USB vendor and/or device IDs, it’s a duplicitous hack.”

I had a Palm III that I got back in 1998, and loved it. I thought I’d have that PDA for 20 years. Of course, it only served me for maybe 4 years, but it was a great little device, and I’ve had high hopes that the Pre would return Palm to some of its former glory. Sadly, this fake syncing business (assuming it’s fake) does not give me hope.

Perch – A Really Little Content Management System (CMS)

I’m a sucker for content management systems. I’m always looking for a better one, or one more suited to the current project. Despite that, I’ve stayed with Joomla and WordPress because I’m used to them and they perform pretty well. Most of the time. But, I like the less-is-more approach that Perch is taking. Definitely keeping my eye on them.

{ via Dan Cederholm }