First Chicago Marathon

I received the following email from the Chicago Marathon:

Dear Dave Belden,

Congratulations from Bank of America for finishing the 2010 Bank of America Chicago Marathon! Your recorded finish time was 4:50:03 and you placed 20,436th out of 36,159 finishers.

I was hoping to finish closer to 4 hours, but the heat meant a lot of leg cramping over the last 6 or 7 miles. Still, though, it was a fantastic experience. Special thanks to Tom Herman for cheering me on at Mile 8, and, of course, to MT for catching me at Mile 18.



2 thoughts on “First Chicago Marathon

  1. vikstrom says:

    I did the last LaSalle 2007 marathon just under 5 hours(which was cancelled). Poped a tendon. Instead of pep cheers, police choppers barked anti-marathon messages in Chinatown (‘the clock has stopped’, ‘the race is over’, ‘turn around & go home’, ‘cooling buses will take you back to the start’).

    My 2011 goal is 2 lakefront half marathons, the Rock n Roll (August- Grant Prk) and Banco Popular (Sept-Hyde Park).

    • Dave says:

      Hi Richard,

      My dad also ran in 2007, though he bowed out around mile 10 all on his own.

      I still don’t remember much of the last 6 or 7 miles. Except for my legs cramping. But nothing like a tendon, that must’ve hurt.


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