Macbeth First Folio

Everthing is mispelled Vpon the Heath

Th blemish is obvius, though knowone wants to pont it owt, lest they be brandied an asshoe or compolsive. Old Shakespeare is beoutifull, wyth the awld spelings and capituLizationizing. He maykes me wundehr why we wryte the weigh we dew nowaday. Proper-like and corectt. I had a teecher whough advokated fur spellling werds thuh whey thay sowndud insted uhf hough theyr’ supohsd tuh bee spelt. Buttt, whey’re doez it end? Wear iz t unwreckugnyzabal? & wut aboyt punkchooeighshun? huh? : I under stand iff yur’ dyslecksick. I simpathighs, trueley. But standerds R neccesary Or wee became animalz. unabuhl 2 comUNIkate8. Or maaaaybe we knowtiss werdz EVEN bettter? Maybeeee, it poynts upp thuh languayge und wear wordz cum frum. Meighbey its funn, to bee diffront n goffy n illitrate cuz why u ensist anywhy yoo fuhkkr? Leave me uhloan.


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