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What is a Browser?

This is disturbing, mostly because even I’m having a difficult time coming up with a clear, simple definition. Of course, I know perfectly well what a browser is, but I’m not sure I could really explain it to my grandmother. In the end, though, people really shouldn’t have to care about what they use to access the internet.

{ via Tim Van Damme }


Phyllis Marotta at the Kansas Dept. of Transportation

My cousin’s blog on car safety. Includes some fun new TV ads around their Click It Or Ticket campaign.

Fluency WordPress Admin Theme

Very nice theme for WordPress’s Admin, made by Dean Robinson and implemented as a plugin. Features a number of improvements over the default admin. I especially like the keyboard shortcuts and the flyout menus.

Chromium Browser for the Mac

It’s not complete, and setting some preferences has zero effect, but I’ve played with Chromium just a little bit and it looks pretty good. Certainly does the up-top tabs better than Apple does with Safari 4.