Daring Fireball: Who Can Do Something About Those Blue Boxes?

A few years ago you could say that, effectively, Flash was everywhere. It made total sense for sites like YouTube and Hulu to go with Flash.

Flash is no longer ubiquitous. There’s a big difference between “everywhere” and “almost everywhere”.

Whenever I encounter the blue box, I usually figure it wasn’t really worth seeing anyway. Adobe’s going to lose this battle.

Of course, my recent posts are full of YouTube and Vimeo Flash videos, but both services have started offering HTML5 versions on their sites. It’s only a matter of time.


Henrique Prince: The Subway Busker

A self-taught violinist, Prince leads the Ebony Hillbillies, a quartet that plays in the Times Square subway station.

“…trying to express the beauty of the universe through this particular type of old time string music.”

Click to Flash for Safari

I know ads pay the bills on many websites, but Flash ads suck. Besides, I ignore 99.999% of web ads. My eyes and brain simply do not see them. Really.

This Safari plugin allows sites to load much, much faster. And, you have control over whether or not to view the Flash content. Fantastic.

{ via Steven Frank who has some well-constructed arguments on the politics of Flash and web ads }