Musician’s Dice

A creative tool that can be used in any number of ways: they bring the element of chance into the musical process. They can be used in composing Aleatory and 12 tone-music, or as a basis for improvisation; they’re fun in a jam session. They also make an effective study tool: they can be used as “musical flash cards” when learning harmony, and their randomness makes for fresh and challenging exercise in sight-singing and ear training.

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Chicago Sinfonietta 2009-2010 Season

I just launched the new pages for next season. Some interesting stuff this year, including my favorite Beethoven symphony (7) and another that I’m surprised I’ve never played (9). Incidentally, this means I’ll have finally performed all nine symphonies.

The Last Road North

Beautiful photos taken along Alaska’s haul road.

A List Apart: Issue 289

I pretty much always want to redesign my site. These two pieces in A List Apart only reinforce that desire. Really should make time for this.


Mahler’s Markings

Translation of markings in the first symphony. My favorite: Am Griffbrett – As if in tune

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Underneath it all, it’s Still Windows®

“These windows are so tight they can only slip onto your desktop at an angle, dripping wet with shiny hot sex oils.”

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Windows vs. OS X websites

Neven Mrgan simply provides the links, allowing you to form your own opinion.