Wired has a small sampling of the more than 18,500 close up images that the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken over the last five years using its HiRise camera.

Dust Devil Tattoo from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

“These twisty trails were traced by dust devils, spinning columns of rising air that pick up loose red dust grains and reveal darker, heavier sand beneath. Dust devils have been blamed for unexpectedly cleaning off the Mars rovers’ solar panels.”

Isn’t it amazing that we have spacecraft on another planet?


atmos studio 081-23MR stairs

Having recently built new stairs to our basement, I’ve become hyper-aware of stairs everywhere I go. How comfortable and consistent they are (or aren’t) and how we automagically find the rhythm of most good stairs within a couple steps.

The 081-23MR stairs designed by atmos studio are pretty spectacular. There’s a nice CAD animation on their site showing the design process. Their description of the bathroom underneath is appropriately over the top:

“… its toilet a throne from which to survey the magnificent carved bowers of the stair beams above”

MT saw these photos and immediately got queasy: “I wouldn’t wanna go in there drunk.”


Achieve Zero Waste at Home in 6 Steps

A short piece from GOOD on ways to quickly cut your impact:

It’s important… that we “rethink our behavior and lifestyle. This is not to say that one should make drastic lifestyle changes or live like an extremist. Rather it means questioning some basic habits.” Like not buying something because it has too much packaging. Or like remembering to keep a reusable shopping bag in your backseat, purse, or backpack.