My old friend Lee Boot takes a look at Ritual in the way that only he can: with art.

This got me thinking about the first Christmas we recently celebrated in our new house. When we put up the tree, it spent the first 24 hours centered squarely in the front windows. But it just didn’t seem right there, so we moved it to the left, and that’s where it remained.

When the former owner of the house saw it, he said that that was exactly where his family’s tree had been placed when he was growing up in the house.

Was the house dictating the ritual?

I’ve always been fascinated with film sound and Foley work in particular. Many people don’t realize that most of the audio they hear in a Hollywood film is generated in a studio by folks like Hecker.

I’ve done a very small amount of Foley myself, and while it’s a lot of fun, it’s also quite difficult to match the timing of what’s on screen.

My friend Chris and I once bought a watermelon and started hitting it with things in the bathtub, trying to get a good face-punch sound.

{ via Kottke }

Eye of the Sandman (Opening Titles) from Jeffrey McHale on Vimeo.

I’m a sucker for good opening titles, so I’m especially thrilled to be a part of these. Jeff (who also edited the film) did a fantastic job re-creating the Saul Bass 60s vibe with the animation.

Behind-the-scenes aside: I shot the close-up “eye” footage of my fellow actors (well, someone else shot me). We were originally planning to use that footage during the sudden blackout sequence around the dining table. The idea was that the screen would be completely black, except for our eyes looking around. Clever, huh? The trick didn’t end up working, but I was glad to see the footage repurposed into the titles.